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Commercial American old corrugated container pulp (AOCC) boards were used as the starting material for repulping and low consistency (LC) refining to investigate the effects of LC refining plate geometry on the fibre and strength properties of the generated pulp.AOCC is a carton made of wood pulp with relatively good fiber.

OCC Pulp

Old Corrugated Containers.OCC plants convert recycled old corrugated containers into pulp that can be used on paper and board machines to make valuable pulp and paper products.

ONP Pulp

"ONP" pulp consists mainly of old newspapers. But also it includes coated inserts and a moderate level of other types of paper and contaminants. The newsprint portion is mostly mechanical fiber, containing most of the dry content of wood

De-ink Pulp

Deinking method is used to eradicate printing ink from paper fibres of recycled paper in order to make it a deinked pulp. Paper deinking is processed by a combination of chemical means and mechanical actions.. Deinking using enzymes is less polluting, energy saving, gives better performance to achieve the desired deinked pulp properties and results in lower disposal problems

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